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Johnston Communications

As a Viasat elite retailer servicing throughout Iowa and Nebraska, Johnston Communications is proud to offer Viasat’s high-quality internet and knowledge-based customer service for residents of Montgomery County, Polk County, North West Missouri, and the eastern half of Nebraska. Viasat Internet is powered by one of the highest-capacity communications satellites ever launched, and it provides all subscribers incredibly fast internet beamed directly to the subscriber’s location. Viasat Internet is available where many other internet services are not. Viasat is an excellent solution for those in our area who are suffering from slow internet — we highly recommend switching from DSL or dial-up to Viasat satellite internet. You can also save money by adding Viasat Voice, which typically costs much less than phone company landlines.

For more information visit us online at or call us at 712-826-4022.

Areas We Serve

We serve the entire state of Iowa and Nebraska including, Villisca, Red Oak, Corning, Shenandoah, Carroll, Knoxville, Pella, Montgomery, Page, Des Moines, Winterset, Indianola, Omaha, Lincoln, Nebraska City, Grand Island, , Norfolk, Columbus

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